Host Bio

Several years ago, Reene’ Ferguson read an article titled, “America’s Unhealthiest Cities”.  Her hometown, Detroit wasn’t hard to find; It was #2.  At the time, she was a graduate of Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts and on her way to travel with the North American International Auto Show as a spokesmodel for General Motors.  In the years that followed, Detroit consistently remained on this list ranking in the top 10.  As she started planning her transition from modeling to production, she thought a local healthy living TV show would inspire Detroit residents and surrounding areas to get active and get fit.  This program would showcase local health clubs, fitness centers and exercise programs, give nutrition advice and more.   With a speaking career and television production training under her belt, she knew she could create a program to help change the statistics of the popular “America’s Unhealthiest Cities” list and help fight obesity and sedentary lifestyles among those in her community.

After touring as a professional model and working on various projects, she decided it was time to produce the show she long dreamed of to help others change their health and their lives.  Thus “Access Health & Fitness” was born.  The first show aired on public access television, which was a free network for independent producers who had information to share.  Reene’ was able to use the station’s equipment and studio.  Her first guest was chef and personal trainer, Edward Page.  The show was a hit and people started asking for more episodes.

She knew there was a need and interest, so she hired a production company to produce a series of shows and upgraded to a higher-quality station.  It was a very expensive venture, so she decided to purchase a camera and editing equipment to produce the shows herself.  She became quite skilled at shooting and editing and went on to produce the show for seven seasons on Comcast Cable and advanced to broadcast programming on UPN50.

To position herself as a more credible host, she became a certified fitness trainer, which led her to star in the personal training segments and  run fitness camps for women.  Her signature workouts brought results to many of her clients, so she designed fitness programs and took on clients who preferred working out at their homes.

Reene’ has become a sought-after fitness trainer and runs one of the most successful multi-media companies in the metro Detroit area, Unison Media, LLC, which produces the show, Access Health & Fitness.  What’s next?  Reene’ is developing a new line of fitness apparel and series of workout DVDs.