How To Make Exercise Fit Your Life

Mention exercise and people take off running the other way.  Why is it that we dread working out so much?  Why is it the last thing on most people’s list?  I say, exercise gets such a bad rap.  As a trainer, I’ve heard it all; it’s too hard, it’s boring or it’s time consuming.  If you’ve used any of these excuses, you simply haven’t found activities that you enjoy or any that fit easily into your life.

The key here is to find ways to get moving, while accomplishing your goals and going about your day.  A workout strategy I share with clients and friends is what I call, “Multi-task Fitness.”  Sound corny?  Well, here’s how it works.  Whatever your need is during the day tap into an activity that will help you fulfill that need, while burning calories.  Let me give you a few examples:

  • When I need to take a break from work or make an important decision, the best thing for me at that time is to take a 10-15 minute walk.  I’m allowing myself to get away from what has me stuck, clear my head and get in some exercise.  It never feels like a workout, plus I usually return with a solution to my issue.
  • If my energy is low and I need a boost, I jog on my mini trampoline while listening to some upbeat music.  The bouncing gets my heart pumping and blood flowing, the music energizes me and I get a total body workout.
  • When stress kicks in, there is nothing like yoga.  It’s peaceful and relaxing.  The deep breathing and stretching attacks the stress my mind and body are feeling.  And the bonus?  I sleep much better.
  • A great way to network and socialize is at a dancing class.  You get to mix and mingle, connect with others and work up a sweat.  I never realized how many calories you can burn while dancing until I tried it!

As you can see, you can easily make exercise a part of your everday life and tailor it to your needs.  Exercise doesn’t have to take place at the gym to reap its benefits and live a healthy lifestyle.  So I encourage you to explore and try some activities you may enjoy and that complement your lifestyle.  There is something out there for everyone.  You just have to find what works so you can experience the joy of living a long, vibrant and healthy life.

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