Personal Training Clients Say the Darndest Things

  • Over the past few years my fitness training career has been quite rewarding.  I’ve had the pleasure of training men and women of all ages.  I can say the majority of them have been dedicated, hardworking and willing to go the extra mile to reach their fitness goals; however, I’ve had my share of clients who have let it be known that they really didn’t want to exercise or that it really wasn’t a priority.  Trust me, I’ve heard it all by way of excuses, special requests and comments.  Most times they make me laugh, so for fun, here’s my top ten list of PERSONAL TRAINING CLIENTS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS:  Now this is MY personal list.  I’m sure other trainers have their own list as well!
  • I like the way everything else looks, can we just work on my stomach?
  • I’ve had a long day.  Can we take it easy today?
  • I couldn’t find a sitter, so I brought my kids with me.  You don’t mind do you?
  • I love my curves so don’t make me skinny.
  • You’re gonna have to really work with me cause’ I love my fried food!
  • My last trainer used to have me do these different than this.
  • How many more of these do I have to do?
  • Sorry, I really need to cancel.  Girl, I partied way too hard last night.
  • I hate this exercise, can we do something else?
  • This is just too much.  I don’t think exercise is for me.
  • Are we done yet?

Make sure you are serious about reaching your fitness goals before you invest in a trainer.  Personal training is a valuable service that will help you look and feel your best ever, so attend your sessions with an open mind and know that your trainer wants nothing more than to see you succeed.

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